• How You Can Earn Cash from Spring Cleaning
  • How You Can Earn Cash from Spring Cleaning

    Earn Cash from Spring Cleaning

    Earn Cash from Spring Cleaning

    Earn Cash from Spring Cleaning

    Earn Cash from Spring Cleaning

    Earn Cash from Spring Cleaning

    *A special thank you to Trademore for sponsoring this post. I was paid for this post.

    As some of you know, I’m getting ready to move to LA next month and I couldn’t be any more excited! That being said, I’m in major spring cleaning mode – definitely more than usual. I’ve been dedicating each Saturday to decluttering each room in the house by hanging onto only the necessities that I’ll need for LA.

    I decided to save my bedroom for last, since I knew going through my clothes was going to be a tedious task. I headed straight to my nightstand to avoid my closet at all costs – and I stumbled into a mound of old phones aka my Apple graveyard. From older models, cracked screens, to random accessories – I sat there pondering what I would do with these poor guys.

    That’s when I took to the internet to see where I could possibly send them in, and this is when I stumbled into Trademore. This site is amazing, guys. Instead of sending them your used devices and guessing whether you’ll get more than $5 – you just go in, select your model, size, condition, etc. and it’ll give you an estimate of what you’ll get.

    I was honestly in shock by the hundreds of dollars worth I had just sitting in my nightstand, wishing that I had done this earlier. If you have old devices sitting in your drawer, I urge you to go through them and ship them off, plus it’ll feel so good to declutter – trust me!

    As always, thanks so much for reading this blog post – let me know how much $ worth of devices you had sitting around in the comments below!



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