• #TeamSweet vs #TeamSassy Date Night Lip Colors with Clarins
  • #TeamSweet vs #TeamSassy Date Night Lip Colors with Clarins

    #TeamSweet vs #TeamSassy Date Night Lip Colors with Clarins

    If I could choose one makeup item to wear for the rest of my life, it would hands down be a bold lip. There’s something so alluring about a bold lip that can transform an entire look.

    My go-to bold lip color has always been a red-orange, but I’ve been experimenting with different colors depending on my mood and looks. I’ve not only been experimenting with different colors, but with different formulas, glosses, and stains.

    Just recently, I tried Clarins’ new Water Lip Stains and their Instant Light Lip Comfort Oils and I’m amazed that I haven’t had both stains and glosses in my rotation all along.

    The Water Lip Stain is perfect for a long-lasting, effortless look that you can glide on without worrying about touch-ups. The Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil is perfect for a scrumptious, glossy pout – perfect for an easy, flirty look.

    So guys, I challenge you to pick which lip looks betters on me for a date night this weekend… #TeamSweet, which is the Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil (the pink dress look), or #TeamSassy, which is the Water Lip Stain (the red jumpsuit look).

    Super excited to hear your thoughts!



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