The Busy Girl’s Hack to Eating Healthy With Green Chef

Hey guys, it’s been a while! To give you the low-down on why I’ve been MIA on the blog is that grad school has been NUTS. If you want daily updates, be sure to head over to Instagram – otherwise you can wait with me to graduate in August 😉

All that being said, I’ve only been committing to blog posts when it comes to something that I’m A.) passionate about B.) something that I think you’ll LOVE and C.) when I have enough time/sanity to get one up. This blog post is a combination of all three, so sit a while because I’ve found a game-changer that I think you guys will really enjoy.

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Luxurious Valentine’s Day Picks To Practice Self-Love

Who needs a Valentine when you can love yourself? 😉 Shop a few of my favorite Valentine’s Day pieces for an instant pick-me-up, because self-love is so, so important. I just adore a good fragrance, some yummy chocolate, and something sexy to slip into. What makes you feel good about yourself? Let me know below! Xx

Luxurious Valentine's Day Picks for Self-Love