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  • Where to Stay in Bali: Uma Sapna

    Where to Stay in Bali

    Where to Stay in Bali

    Where to Stay in Bali

    Where to Stay in Bali

    Where to Stay in Bali: Uma Sapna

    Welcome to the second part of the “Where to Stay in Bali” series. The second villa that we stayed at was located at Uma Sapna, which was right outside the town of Seminyak.

    Seminyak is a town filled with shops and tourist attractions, much like Ubud, but smaller. Our villa, Uma Sapna, was right in the middle of town – which made walking around and exploring a lot easier. Once you are inside the villa, though, wanting to leave is close to impossible.

    Not only are the villas massively spacious, but the design of the facility is a work of art in itself.

    We had assumed that we were still getting a tour of the facility, when in reality, we were stepping into our breathtaking villa. There are no words, it felt like a dream.

    Our private pool was gigantic – in fact, we originally thought it was a fountain for the entire facility. And the bathtub? It could’ve easily fit at least 10 people. Seriously, head to my Instagram Stories in the Bali highlight to see for yourself. We were completely blown away.

    We sat down to work away on a couple of pending projects and we just simply didn’t want to move from our spot. I tried to bask it all in as this will forever be a happy place for me.

    Aside from the villa, the restaurant located at the facility was just incredible. We felt like we were in a lush greenhouse, and everything on the menu was just as mouthwatering as they sounded.

    Their breakfasts were something we looked forward to each morning. The acai bowls and fresh juice were my favorite. And the walks back to the villa? It felt like something straight out of a story book. Seriously, Uma Sapna – you are amazing.

    Our stay in Bali was something to remember, but Uma Sapna was something we’ll never forget.


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